Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's been Real Madrid.

Real Madrid stadium 

Our last stop of the DEWD tour has come to an end and we had an amazing time in Madrd.

When we arrived the first night our lovely staff at the hostal gave us a free upgrade to a private ensuite with a flat screen. So we watched a football game in the room and relaxed for the night. We ate tapas at a couple really good restaraunts too.

The next morning we woke up and took a free walking tour of the city that hit most of the big sites. 

Here we are at the Royal Palace

Oldest standing restaraunt in the world. 

After our tour ended our guide foolishly informed us that there was a bullfight that night that we could attend. We hopped on the Metro and headed to the stadium.

When we got to the ticket window we were informed that the next bullfight wasnt until Sunday. It was still cool to check out the stadium. 

Our third day we took a day trip to Toledo. It was an absolutely gorgeous city up on a hill that was surrounded by a river. It actually used to be the capital of Spain. 

We took a guided tour on this sick little caboose that drove us around the city. 

It also happened to be Dylan's birthday! We celebrated that night accordingly. 

After making a quick dinner at our hostel we went out to a hookah bar and got this massive 5 L beer tank. 

We went out that night and checked out some of the local nightlife. 

When you are on the streets there are tons of club promoters trying to give you "deals" and get you to enter their club. 

This one promoter we met was hilarious and seemed like a great guy. He said he would take us to his club and give us free drinks. So we journeyed with him and went into his place to check it out. As we walked downstairs we realized we had made a mistake. It happened to be a brothel with a bunch of overweight homely women and old men. We ran out of there as quickly as we could and found a more appropriate club in the center of town.

Our last day we woke up and toured the Real Madrd stadium.

The tour took us to the locker rooms, trophy rooms, the stands and we got to go onto the field and see the teams benches. 

Trophies, cleats and footballs from the 1920s.

Locker room

After the tour we headed to Madrid's most popular park right in the center of the city. 

It was a beautiful park and a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

It's been an awesome six weeks and we've seen tons of great places. Madrid was the perfect place to end it and Will's impeccable Spanish got us by easier than we otherwise would have.Thanks for following us!

If you plan on going on a backpacking trip of your own stay tuned for a comprehensive guide of our favorite restaurants, hostels and sites.

All the best,
Dave, Eric, Will and Dylan

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Barcelona was a grand ole time. The first night we got in we walked around and had our first meal of tapas which are basically an array of different appetizers. 

The next morning we woke up and headed to the Boqueria which is a humongous market with tons of food vendors. 

The market had loads of different types of food. Lamb head, octopus, squid the list goes on. Dylan tried an octopus salad and said it was actually pretty good. 

They had normal foods too. Hams, cheeses, sandwiches and fresh squeezed juices that were all delicious. 

After lunch we did a free guided tour of the city and saw most of the important tourist sites. 

Christopher Columbus greeted the king here after returning from America (what he then thought was India). 

Artwork by Picasso. The original sketch was done on a napkin and given to the sculptor. 

After our tour we headed to the beach which is right in the heart of the city. It was mobbed with people. 

That night we headed to a tapas Restaraunt named La Ovella Negra that our friend recommended. The food was great and we got this massive 5 liter tank of beer. 

Afterwards we headed to a nightclub called Razzmatazz which was a 5 story place with 7 different dance rooms. 

They even had a DJ in the bathrooms. Who knew taking a piss could be so much fun? 

The next morning we were feeling a little rough so we went to grab lunch at a place called Bo de B that our friend recommended. It was amazing. 3 euros for the biggest sandwich you can imagine, if you're ever in the area you should definitely check it out. 

We then headed to the Sagrada Familia Catedral which is Barcelona's most popular cathedral. It's still under construction and has been for a very long time.5

We're in Madrid at the moment for our very last stop of the DEWD tour. 

Dave, Eric, Will and Dylan

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ibiza - Parties and Paradise

Ibiza was insane. It has absolutely gorgeous beaches, great people and crazy night life. The island itself was very clean and much safer than we thought.

We woke up the first morning and headed to the beach in San Antonio near our hostel. They were all topless so we couldn't complain.

At night we headed to Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio to catch the Rizzle Kicks and Doorly show. Huge thanks to Dooly for hooking us up with tix! We had a blast. 

After the show ended we checked out a couple more clubs and called it quits. 

The next day we journeyed over to one of the more famous beaches on the other side of the island in Ibiza Town. It was in a state park so it was all natural and secluded beaches with gorgeous views. 

We headed back to our place in San Antonio and caught the sunset.

That night a couple of us saw Hardwell, Laidback Luke and more at Amnesia night club. The place was incredible. 5,000 person capacity with two huge DJ rooms. 

Laidback Luke


The show started at midnight and didn't end until 6 am. We walked out to the sun rise.

We're in the airport now headed to Barcelona. Only 2 cities left!

Dave, Eric, Will and Dylan